Tuesday, January 27, 2009

old lady

Well, today I am 28 years old. The celebrations over the weekend were fantastic and perfect and so fun. One of the best birthdays ever for sure.

Beach house was incredible. I could barely see anything because of tall dudes standing in front of me (story of my life) but it sounded amazing. Having listened to those songs zillions of times, hearing them so loud and live just made me so so so happy. They played a couple of songs I didn't know, so I am hoping for a new album sooooon. I didn't take any pictures cuz I get too frustrated at shows when the pictures turn out like crap. And I couldn't really see anything anyways!

After the show, we went to a bar around the corner to meet up with Mikey and SURPRISE! Meredith came afterall! those tricksters tried to fool me into believing that Meredith couldn't come.

Saturday morning my lovely friends woke me up with flowers, two kinds of jam from my favorite breakfast place (Jam on Hawthorne) a really pretty coffee mug, and wouldn't let me help them cook a gigantic breakfast. The rest of us played lots of Skip Bo and drank coffee and mimosas until the feast was served. So delicious!

After resting up the rest of the afternoon, we went to V's house for snacks/cake/predrinks.

Then! We went to the Alibi for some sweet karaoke jams. So many people turned out to wish me a happy birthday and I had a great time. Thanks to all of you! I have the best friends ever.

P.S. More pictures Here and Here.

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  1. Happy Birthday old-timer!!

  2. Happy Birthday Michelle!!!!

  3. I am glad I got to witness the cake singing even though I couldnt make it there. Uhm, sorry but jessie and i had to try on your birthday hat. i love it. happy birthday lady.. sorry your sister couldn't be here!