Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Last birthday post, I swear

So what did I do on my actual birthday you ask? Well my original plans didn't quite work out because it was snowing like crazy when I got out of bed. So. Jessie did my makeup and her own and we had a photoshoot!

My look was inspired by the artwork of Sylvia Ji.
20090127_dead girls_002

Jessie's look was inspired by the artwork of Jessica M.
20090127_dead girls_040

This was loads of fun, even though it took like 3 hours to get all that makeup and hair put together and Jessie's eye was burning under that bloody mess!

On a much sillier but just as awesome and fun note, later in the evening this sweet boy I know took me out to an amazing dinner where I ate Snapper in Coconut lime sauce with peppers, black beans, rice, and plantains! Oh and did I mention the super fun gifts he gave me such as this? I am totally going to hamburgle some fools today.

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