Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Days 352 to 363! Only 2 days left!

Most of these photos are Christmas related, but here is the absolute best one, maybe of the entire year! Hope everyone had a truly magical holiday!

Day 355. December 21, 2010. An army of Santas is creepy and awesome.2010-12-21 santas 003

See all the photos from my photo a day project here!

One more post about this photo a day project and then this blog will get back to normal. Books, food, adventures, and fun times all sprinkled with photos. :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Days 333 through 351, almost done!

So close to finishing!!!
I am only posting two photos from this bunch. One is just miraculous and one is just too adorable.

Day 336. December 2, 2010. How can you not marvel at this magical leaf!?
2010-12-02 magic 001

Day 337. December 3, 2010. Itty bitty deers and colorful lights to decorate the mantle.
2010-12-03 tiny (13)

The next photo a day post may be the last!
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Merry Christmas!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Days 322 to 332 of 365

Wow only about a month left! Here are my favorite three photos out of this group.

Day 324. November 20, 2010. Drove over the Burnside Bridge and saw the new Portland, Oregon sign! I approve.
2010-11-20 portland 001

Day 330. November 26, 2010. Experimenting with bokeh effects from a rooftop during the tree lighting downtown.
2010-11-26 lights 007

Day 332. November 28, 2010. Trekked to Sherwood to Chop down a Christmas tree! The tiny ones are so cute!
2010-11-28 trees 014

p.s. See all photos from this series on Flickr!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

days 307 to 321

Wow, two weeks behind again!
Here are a few of my favorites from this group!
I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by.

Day 308. November 4, 2010. Church marquee wisdom on my walk home made me smile.
2010-11-04 wisdom 001

Day 318. November 14, 2010. I always marvel at how pretty the St. Johns Bridge is, every time.
2010-11-14 bridge 007

Day 313. November 9, 2010. Fall trees are the prettiest trees.
2010-11-09 tree 002

Day 321. November 17, 2010. The rain has definitely started and that bus better get here soon.
2010-11-17 waiting 003

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Days 293 to 306!

Only 2 months left!

Here are two of my favorite photos of these 14.
Day 296. October 23, 2010. 72 hour film race creations made by me and Meghann!
2010-10-23 characters 008

Day 302. October 29, 2010. This tree outside my work was wearing a scarf, and it wasn't even very cold outside!
2010-10-29 scarftree 007

See the full set of photos from 2010 so far here.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Days 284 through 292 of 365

Here are my three favorite photos out of these nine! Fall is the best.

Day 285. October 13, 2010. The sky filled with chemtrails as I wanted for the bus.
2010-10-12 sky 001

Day 288. October 15, 2010. I just love the pretty fall trees!
2010-10-15 fall 003

Day 291. October 18, 2010. I walked right past this guy and then went back to take his picture while crossing my fingers it would not sting me!
2010-10-18 wasp 003

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

27 Days: 257 through 283

It has been a busy month, friends.

Here is my favorite photo from the last 27 days. I wanted to pick this guy up and bring him to work with me!

Day 281. October 8, 2010. On second thought, I should have moved this guy out of the middle of the sidewalk but I was in a rush!
2010-10-08 Caterpillar 004

As always, you can see all the photos from this photo a day project on Flickr.

I found a great site that will let me print a book filled with all of these photos! I think I will make that happen after this project is over, and this blog can get back to normal.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

249 to 256

Wow, this year is almost over! I finally switched my camera to widescreen, don't know what the hold up was before. Here are my fave 3 photos from this bunch of 8.

p.s. keep your eyes peeled to Mostly Soup as I intend to kick start it back to life with soups and stews and maybe even bisques and risottos over the fall and winter.

Day 249. September 6, 2010. A drive over the beautiful St. Johns bridge on a dreary evening.
2010-09-06 st johns 003

Day 251. September 8, 2010. Celebrating Vanessa's birthday with lots of pasta and wine.
2010-09-08 vanessa 006

Day 256. September 13, 2010. Was surprised to find this mysterious pink glob was hard, like a seed pod.
2010-09-13 berryflower 003

Monday, September 06, 2010

240 through 248

Day 240. August 28, 2010. Saw these pretty and perfect rose buds in the neighborhood
2010-08-28 walk

Day 241. August 29, 2010. Sunday morning scones with blueberries from our yard!
2010-08-29 scones 003

Day 242. August 30, 2010. Walking home I noticed the mailbox that thinks it is a tree.
2010-08-30 walk 005

Day 243. August 31, 2010. Out way past my bedtime having fun, waiting for the bus in the rain.
2010-08-31 busstop 003

Day 244. September 1, 2010. Late night happy hour at Gustav's with our buddy, Buck.
2010-09-01 gustavs 004

Day 245. September 2, 2010. The final batch of coconut rum cupcakes for Cory & Perry's wedding. Pretty and tasty!
2010-09-02 c&p 007

Day 246. September 3, 2010. In Salem for the weekend, a whirl of color.
2010-09-03 rehearsal 006

Day 247. September 4, 2010. Setting up flowers for the reception while family photos are being taken is a fun job.
2010-09-04 c&p 007

Day 248. September 5, 2010. Walked through a creepy deserted part of Salem before coming home to Portland.
2010-09-05 Salem 012

Saturday, August 28, 2010

236 through 239 out of 365

Here are photos from the last 4 days. Enjoy!

Day 236. August 24, 2010. After a lovely evening with friends, this was the last thing I saw before I fell asleep.
2010-08-24 weave 010

Day 237. August 25, 2010. This adorable owlie keeps watch over our house when we are away.
2010-08-25 owlie 011

Day 238. August 26, 2010. These flowers make me think of Halloween.
2010-08-26 yellow  (2)

Day 239. August 27, 2010. The tiniest, cutest succulents. Each was about 1/4 inch across!
2010-08-27 walking 003

Monday, August 23, 2010

226 to 235 of 365.

Here are my three favorite photos from this batch of 10. At this point I am pretty dang close to quitting this project every other day.

Day 227. August 15, 2010. Late night slow exposure macro shots are my new fave.
2010-08-15 night 014

Day 232. August 20, 2010. Walked up to meet some friends for happy hour and found this tiny bike rusting away outside.
2010-08-20 bike 001

Day 234. August 22, 2010. Heard lots and lots of this lovely sound thanks to a new amp that my favorite bought.
2010-08-22 guitar 003

Saturday, August 14, 2010

224 and 225

Day 224. August 12, 2010. Walking home from Hollywood Theater, these neon lights caught my eye.
2010-08-12 sandy 001

Day 225. August 13, 2010. Found this 'single molecule of a good neighborhood' in the park by Lloyd Center.
2010-08-13 molecule 006

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

210 to 223, two weeks behind again!

I have been so busy over the past two weeks that I barely had a chance to unload the photos off of my camera let alone sort through them, write captions and post here!

Summer is in full swing, though more than half over and I am looking forward to this weekend because the only plan I have is to bake cupcakes and drink coconut rum on the deck in the sunshine!

Here are my three favorite photos from the past two weeks.

Day 215. August 3, 2010. A different route home led me to discover another welcoming neighbor.
2010-08-03 002

Day 219. August 7, 2010. My masterpiece, P.P. Peterson, star of the 48 hour film race film.
2010-08-07 pp 002

Day 222. August 10, 2010. These wasp carcasses were perfectly intact after being killed by poisonous foam.
2010-08-10 wasps 003

As always, the whole set of photos from this project are over on flickr.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Days 203 to 209

Not the best bunch of photos but I don't mind.
Here are my three favorite of these seven.

Day 203. July 22, 2010. This tree is kind of amazing.2010-07-22 thursday

Day 208. July 27, 2010. Missed my bus stop and found this awesome sci-fi scene glued to a giant rock.
2010-07-27 49th 007

Day 209. July 28, 2010. This tree looks like it came from space and I was almost blinded taking it's picture.
2010-07-28 tree 002

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

200, 201 & 202

Day 200. July 19, 2010. This little buddy crawled out of a box of junk to keep me company.
2010-07-19 dragonfly

Day 201. July 20, 2010. The only thing stopping me from plucking these fresh raspberries was the owner 3 feet away watching me.
2010-07-20 walk 004

Day 202. July 21, 2010. This little magnetic deer arrived in my mailbox today and is much smaller but also cuter than I imagined!
2010-07-21 deery 001

Sunday, July 18, 2010

195 through 199

Only 5 days behind so here are all five photos from the past week. It has been a sunny, fun, and happy week. Hooray for summer!

Day 195. July 14, 2010. The rain chain which I had never heard of until I moved into this house!
2010-07-14 back 008

Day 196. July 15, 2010. Stopped by Ambassador for a drink after some home grilled burgers.
2010-07-15 ambassador 004

Day 197. July 16, 2010. This little squirrel was squeaking at me from above as I walked home.
2010-07-16 squirrel 006

Day 198. July 17, 2010. This sidewalk inspiration by a 7 year old near Interstate made me smile.
2010-07-17 love 001

Day 199. July 18, 2010. Terrarium party in the park was a great way to spend a perfect Sunday afternoon.
2010-07-18 terrariums 009