Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Days 284 through 292 of 365

Here are my three favorite photos out of these nine! Fall is the best.

Day 285. October 13, 2010. The sky filled with chemtrails as I wanted for the bus.
2010-10-12 sky 001

Day 288. October 15, 2010. I just love the pretty fall trees!
2010-10-15 fall 003

Day 291. October 18, 2010. I walked right past this guy and then went back to take his picture while crossing my fingers it would not sting me!
2010-10-18 wasp 003

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

27 Days: 257 through 283

It has been a busy month, friends.

Here is my favorite photo from the last 27 days. I wanted to pick this guy up and bring him to work with me!

Day 281. October 8, 2010. On second thought, I should have moved this guy out of the middle of the sidewalk but I was in a rush!
2010-10-08 Caterpillar 004

As always, you can see all the photos from this photo a day project on Flickr.

I found a great site that will let me print a book filled with all of these photos! I think I will make that happen after this project is over, and this blog can get back to normal.