Monday, January 12, 2009

creepy orange fluffball etc

A recent addiction : Making soup.
Last week I got it in my head to make something with Chorizo and kale. It turned out great, though not exactly how I envisioned it. The concensus is that this was my best soup yet. I cannot argue. Each soup I make is better than the previous one!

What the heck is this orange fluff ball supposed to represent in this weight watchers commercial? It just kind of gave me the creeps. I am afraid I might have nightmares of this little thing following me around, counting my calories for me.

Something I don't think I will ever tire of is Photobooth pics. One of the many things that I love about Portland is that a bunch of bars around town have these fabulous machines that silly girls can cramp into and take ridiculous photos. This past friday, some girls and I took these at Holocene.
my full Photobooth pics collection can be found here!

Here is a list of things I would like to buy when I am not feeling so short on cash:
-A guitar or maybe a Ukelele.
-A large assortment of Felt of random colors for a project that is as yet undisclosed.
-A good haircut.
-Workish Clothes : pants/shirts/cardigans/etc.

My birthday is in 16 (well actually 15, since it is after midnight) days. An incomplete list of things I want is here! I am sure to be adding new things left and right now that they have that handy little button that lets you add things from any website.

Ok well I think thats about all the random crap I can fit in this little entry.

Over and out!


  1. olivia9:12 AM

    mmmm...chorizo and kale....

  2. i wonder what SOYRIZO and kale would taste like....