Wednesday, August 11, 2010

210 to 223, two weeks behind again!

I have been so busy over the past two weeks that I barely had a chance to unload the photos off of my camera let alone sort through them, write captions and post here!

Summer is in full swing, though more than half over and I am looking forward to this weekend because the only plan I have is to bake cupcakes and drink coconut rum on the deck in the sunshine!

Here are my three favorite photos from the past two weeks.

Day 215. August 3, 2010. A different route home led me to discover another welcoming neighbor.
2010-08-03 002

Day 219. August 7, 2010. My masterpiece, P.P. Peterson, star of the 48 hour film race film.
2010-08-07 pp 002

Day 222. August 10, 2010. These wasp carcasses were perfectly intact after being killed by poisonous foam.
2010-08-10 wasps 003

As always, the whole set of photos from this project are over on flickr.


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