Tuesday, September 14, 2010

249 to 256

Wow, this year is almost over! I finally switched my camera to widescreen, don't know what the hold up was before. Here are my fave 3 photos from this bunch of 8.

p.s. keep your eyes peeled to Mostly Soup as I intend to kick start it back to life with soups and stews and maybe even bisques and risottos over the fall and winter.

Day 249. September 6, 2010. A drive over the beautiful St. Johns bridge on a dreary evening.
2010-09-06 st johns 003

Day 251. September 8, 2010. Celebrating Vanessa's birthday with lots of pasta and wine.
2010-09-08 vanessa 006

Day 256. September 13, 2010. Was surprised to find this mysterious pink glob was hard, like a seed pod.
2010-09-13 berryflower 003

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