Saturday, February 28, 2009

Book VS Movie, Revolutionary Road

I was super anxious to see Revolutionary Road, the movie, but decided to read the book first. I sped through it and loved every page. I found it hard to put down and it even made me cry. I saw the movie yesterday. I think it was a pretty good translation from book to film, but having read the book I just felt like I knew way more about the characters than was presented in the movie. Their thoughts and feelings and what they wanted to say but didn't. I think the common belief is that interior monologue in movies cheapens it somehow, but I think it can add a lot sometimes. I mean how were we to know that Shep loved April until he told her so, when in the book that fact is made clear quite early on. I could nit pick this to death, but I won't. Overall I really liked the movie. The dialogue was pretty much straight out of the book and that is what I was hoping would remain unchanged. Also, who doesn't love Kate Winslet? And her really cute outfits! Definitely go see the movie but you should probably also read the book first.


  1. Lemme borrow that book!

  2. V has already called it, but I think she is mid another book. We can work it out. I think I accidently already packed it.

  3. DWAI... I saw it at Target today and bought it. Book club!