Sunday, April 10, 2016

Two Custom Quilts

Three months since I last posted, that is just ridiculous. I wasn't working on much and then all of a sudden I had two custom quilt orders from Etsy and another little quilt is in the works for a friend who is expecting this summer.

These two quilts are really different but oh so adorable and really they both scream SPRINGTIME to me! I really enjoyed making them and getting back into the swing of making these quilts.

The first one of these was for a friend's second baby. I made a quilt for her first little one and it was a big hit! So number 2 could not be left out! The mama told me that she was working with a wallpaper in the baby's room that was pretty dark paisley, and she had a dark wood crib, so she was going to do all white linens with a pop of teal.  This seemed pretty straightforward but so simple! I made the front of the quilt just plain white, and I offered to embroider the gal's name on it, and I picked a fun springy fabric for the backside that I fell in love with. It's a buttery yellow with little white butterflies throughout. For the binding, I found a teal polka dot fabric so that was easy! The way I sewed this together was sort of a happy accident, and at one point I almost started over but in the end, I decided it looked like ruffles and so just kind of went with it. It turned out super cute!
March 25, 2016 at 04:24PM

This second one was ordered by a friend for her brother's girlfriend's soon-to-be-born little girl. She showed me a few pictures of things the mama-to-be liked including forest animals, and said for colors, coral, gray, white. I didn't find exactly what I wanted but I really love how this one turned out! I found a really gorgeous faux bois woodgrain print that I used for the backside, and for the front I found this lovely print of antlers surrounded by bunches of flowers. For the binding, I picked the most coral fabric I could find and it happened to have cute squiggly white lines throughout so that added a little interest! I couldn't find a plain coral color that I liked so I went with it! I love how the coral binding looks against the woodgrain. I hope this lady and her little lady love this quilt for many years! Here is a video of me sewing this quilt together! 

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