Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Days 185 through 192 minus a few.

8 days behind! Went camping this past weekend with a bunch of fun people, here are my daily photos from that trip. You can the rest of my Photo a Day picsover here on flickr and the rest of the camping pics are here!

Day 188. July 9, 2010. Driving to Lost Lake, where the trees touch the clouds.
2010-07-09 lost lake 008

Day 189. July 10, 2010. Canoeing on Lost Lake. Perfect and lovely and so so pretty.
2010-07-10 lost lake 025

Day 190. July 11, 2010. Saw this little cute snake on a walk through the overgrown forest trail before heading home.
2010-07-11 overgrown 022

Day 191. July 12, 2010. Back to civilization, walking to work on a dreary Monday, this made me smile.
2010-07-12 beautiful 001

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