Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 100, Beach House, Design, etc.

Day 100. April 10, 2010. Went to see Beach House live at Doug Fir, an amazing show.
2010-04-10 beach house 018

You can also see a couple videos I took at the show here:
the quality is terrible but you get the picture. It was so fantastic. I love Beach House! The opener, Bachelorette, was surprisingly good also.

This weekend I made myself a new background tile image. The image for the wallpaper came from an actual wall I took a photo of at a friend's house a couple months ago. I am really really happy with how it turned out.

You can see the finished product here on my blog, and also over at and on Twitter (which I am currently boycotting).
In the next few weeks, with the help of my extremely patient boyfriend, I am going to revamp my entire site, integrating this blog there, etc. The entire site feels pretty irrelevant to me at this point so it definitely needs some updating.

Happy Spring!

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