Thursday, March 18, 2010

Days 75, 76, and 77

Jeez Louise this year is flying by. 2010 is already about 20% over! The good news is that summer will be here before I know it!

Here are my three most recent pictures. Enjoy!

Day 75. March 16, 2010. This jolly chalk art skeleton kept me company while I waited for my bus to work.
2010-03-16 skeleton 001

Day 76. March 17, 2010. Met up with Holly on St. Patrick's Day for some beers, pizza, scrabble, and this crazy game that I really sucked at.
2010-03-17 003

Day 77. March 18, 2010. On my way to work, my shadow made me look 10 feet tall! She's a giant!!!! :)
2010-03-18 shadow 001

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