Tuesday, July 21, 2009

And repeat!

Hello friends. My new favorite thing to make is repeating patterns, a la pretty wallpaper such as this:

and all the other pretty pretty wallpapers over at Walnut Wallpaper!

After much trial and error making this lovely for Kristin that isn't quite perfect...

I picked up a few tricks and made these which I am totally in love with!

Also, I got a job finally, and summer is here! It is hot and I like it. Weekends are filling up quickly with trips and bbqs and I am one happy girl.

Oh and! Don't forget about my etsy shop... Put some new stuff in yesterday! ShesAGiant.etsy.com!


1 comment:

  1. Try putting some wallpaper patterns in with that illustration header of yours here, fill up some of that white space. :D Just an idea...LOVE that bee wallpaper you did, such a great job Mich.